When it comes to sex, Aries woman is utterly unsanctimonious, requiring no wooing to coax out her carnal desires. She seeks to satisfy her own potent sex drive where, when and with whom she damn well pleases. To her, men are, first and foremost, sex objects—and her ideal guy is, likewise, a rugged individualist with scant emotional needs and a healthy libido. Despite her directness, she can be misunderstood, sometimes perceived as a user by men who refuse to accept that a woman can be as "love 'em and leave 'em" as a man. She's into ubermasculine dudes with calloused hands and isn't typically opposed to the off girl-girl-boy threesome.


Aries is the most assertive and ambitious of all males, and the whole of his sexual being depends on the physical pursuit of his passions. Empathy for a lover's inner workings is anathema to him and, more readily than most, he might pursue a relationship based solely on appearances. Beneath his typically clean-cut exterior lies a hormonally raging animal, ever ready to take the sexual lead, yet he feels obliged to subdue this bestial nature, hoping to achieve a higher spiritual connection with a partner, to play the consummate knight in shining armor. But his dominant nature is undeniable. We don't call him the Ram for nothing.



Taurus woman is a living doll—an infinitely fun-loving character who approaches life with an unspoilt, childlike vision. In truth, no other woman enjoys being a girl more than this eternal nymphet, whose whole existence is an exploration of the feminine experience, from trial to exaltation. In a partner, she demands the full package—looks, personality, sense of humor, roguish charm, sexual ability, a youthful spirit and a bankroll that could choke a bull. Taurus likes to be pampered and receive prezzies in tribute to the love she bestows. She’s into strapping pretty boys, silk lingerie, soft core porn and showing off her mad geisha skills.


Taurus embodies a come-hither attitude that makes him the pre-eminent male love object. But the burning desire he inspires in an admirer can create far more build-up than any actual payoff can equal. He may buy into the hype surrounding his sexual abilities to such an extent that he doesn’t realize when he’s failed to deliver. He wants to be wanted, and his seeming insouciance inspires would-be mates to make all the requisite moves. He is attracted to take-charge lovers who’ll treat him like a trophy and indulge his naughty habits, for better or worse. He loves epic foreplay and body worship. He can just lie there, but this provides easy access.



Gemini woman rides a fine line between innate vulnerability and an aggressive need to assert her own agenda. She is acutely aware of her feminine wiles, playing coy to disarm people and gain ground. She’s capable of achieving the greatest triumphs and causing the gravest trouble. She throws herself into romantic situations through an alternating need to indulge desire and impose dominance. At times, she will flirt full tilt with disaster. Ultimately, she settles into an understanding bond in which she may safely swing between her two distinct personalities—helpless baby doll and ruthless boss. She’s into younger, boyish types, playing the ingénue and quickies.


Gemini man is an operator with his finger on the pulse of cultural trends. In his rare moments of downtime, he revels in close ties with family and friends, as well as being drawn to private clubs and cliquey associations. Party-going is a particularly Geminian penchant. Something of a playboy, he has a revolving-door policy in love, but he keeps his liaisons light and lively and his lovers guessing. Despite his flash, Gemini seeks to nest with a homey type—his magpie mate—with whom he can share a varied lifestyle, from Saturday nights swinging from the chandelier to Sunday lunch with the Moms. He’s a mercurial lover and a cunning linguist.



More than any other woman, Cancer is consumed by her sentiments, brutally unabashed in both her affections and her aversions. In truth, she often feels at sea, challenged to establish a firm emotional footing and land the right kind of mate. Sex plays a huge part in feeling her way towards such providence. In early relationships, she may hope to be saved by a mate, and thus risks attracting tyrannical types who take advantage of her natural urge to merge. Ultimately, she will realize that the best man for her is a stalwart type, a rock who’ll go with the flow of her invariably eddied existence. She is attracted to athletes and is most sexually unsqueamish.


Cancer man fancies himself the zodiac’s Prince Charming—a self-professed perfect gentleman, polite, composed and seemingly tailor-made for a traditionally minded mate. He is a hopeless romantic, forever lost in daydreams that feature him in heroic roles, and, typically, has not just one secret fantasy life, but a slew of them. He portrays himself as a stable, safe bet who’ll devote himself to a mate and seek to satisfy a lover's every whim. Sex for him is an act of worship, where he gives himself utterly to the act, and in private, no male is more compliant or eager to be immersed in the depths of erotic experience. He’s turned on by aggressive types and ample endowments.



The fiercest of females, Leo attacks life, letting nothing stand in the way of her hunt for fulfillment. In a sense, she personifies sex, her every action being fuelled by a natural lust for life. Without the slightest timidity, she makes her needs and feelings known, proving to be a boisterous wildcat in the bedroom. She is attracted to those who possess passions equal to her own, but, like her, won’t be consumed by them. She presents a challenge to a mate, requiring one to be so stable and commanding as to make her seem feral and femmy in contrast—no easy feat for the woman who can’t help but beat most men at their own game of dominance. She's a sucker for latins.


Leo man is the golden boy, a gleaming figure with great charisma and an innate sense of entitlement. He grabs what he wants out of life, an unshakable self-esteem inspiring awe and loyalty in others. Like a sexualized Tom Sawyer, he is not only preposterously self-serving, but possessed of a mammoth heart of gold. Leo doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does, he regards it as something sacred and ennobling, driven by strong emotion rather than a simple expression of libido. There will rarely be anything sordid or kinky about Leo’s sex life, and his relationships always smack of an old-fashioned sweetheart sensibility. He’s into ethnicity and authenticity.



Virgo is the definitive earth mother, at once unassuming and a feminine force to be reckoned with. She projects a good-girl image, no matter how hard she seeks to shatter it—even engaging her in conversation feels like seduction, while bedding her smacks of corruption. Pleasing a lover tops Virgo’s erotic agenda. In return, she requires a man to possess studly power of the first order, and many find themselves diminished in the mating process, unable to fulfill her lofty sexpectations. An antiwaif, she is eternally round and juicy, possessing sex appeal long after other's charms have faded. She’s into high-powered creatives and is naturally tantric.


Virgo can be skeptical of relationships as they often can't help but fall short of his signature pristine expectations. His moral judgments can be severe: he expects any lover worthy of his interest to carry a spotless reputation, sexual or otherwise. He takes on the role of mentor in an attempt to mold his partner into an ever-more distinct vision of his ideal. Despite a typically rugged, ponderous appearance, he is a gentle giant, and the optimal caretaker in the bedroom—demonstrating such carnal knowledge and dexterity as to suggest a startling empathy for a mate's sexual needs. This secret sexpert is inherently voyeuristic and likes to play doctor.



Libra's powerful mind is eclipsed only by her ethereal beauty. Of all women, she is the most comely and fair, and rarely labeled sultry or overtly sexy. But her looks can be deceptive. Prized for her demure charms, she can be objectified as classy arm candy. Her own romantic agenda is to fall in with a true friend and equal, a free-thinker who shares her love of the arts and aesthetics, as well as her often liberal political views. She is up for casual sex with a like mind, and wary of long-term bonds. When she does commit, she demands total fidelity: hell hath no fury like the lady Libra scorned. She likes sinewy physiques, treasure trails and wake-up sex.


Libra is a renaissance man. For him, life is art, and he approaches it as a painter faced with a blank canvas. He’ll always have lovers, but when it comes to relationships, he finds others have a hard time committing. He is traditional in his need for a steady bond—although this doesn’t preclude extracurricular dalliances in thought or deed. He is attracted to an independent type, an intellectual equal with whom he can live in harmony while maintaining separate spheres of influence. Love, for him, is a meeting of the minds, and a mate must share his appreciation of high ideals and a sensual approach to sex. He’s into classic beauty and light bondage.



Nobody has a higher opinion of herself than Scorpio woman. She oozes feminine allure and egotism in equal measure, bidding would-be mates enter her parlor at their own peril. A true femme fatale, she appears unmoved by a man’s advances, employing nonchalance to bait him into working ever harder for her attention. She cannot help but see a would-be mate in terms of what he might do for her, sizing up each candidate for his potential as a partner, co-progenitor and professional success. She's leery of men and their ambitions, which she mostly views as half-baked. In a relationship, she coaxes out a man's best qualities, killing off his worst ones.


A stealthy, self-reliant individualist, Scorpio is narrowly focused, putting his own needs ahead of others'. Pessimism, if not nihilism, is his default perception; and he takes the same view in love, aware, first, of its inherent suffering. Reluctant to invest his feelings, he broods and probes prospective partners until he’s convinced they possess an inner beauty to equal an ubersunny outlook for which he, ironically, falls. Lavishing attention in a bond, he seeks to be everything to a partner, thus perpetuating an insular existence. When in love, he truly lives up to his sexual reputation, exhausting a mate via expression of his indefatigable desire.



In life’s rich pageant, Sagittarius is the contestant most likely to walk away with the crown. To her, the world is an abundant place where she can reach out and partake of all she surveys. She does not merely slip into situations, but explodes onto the scene, and can be so unsubtle in her approach to a man that she might as well wear a sandwich board. “More, more, more!” is her motto, which makes her a generous and highly enthusiastic lover. Her perfect match is a man who will share the auspice of  “power couple”, and she is drawn to dashing daddies who indulge her trademark fairy-tale expectations. She’s an exhibitionist and something of a size queen.


Sagittarius man is a freewheeling extremist, and nobody lives larger. His lifestyle may appear reckless, but what others label “out of control” is often, to him, a natural state in which he feels securely composed. In love, he is wildly romantic and effusive. He is physically drawn to perfect 10s and never shrinks from making a play for such glamazons. He exudes an untamed energy, a renegade charm, that, along with his signature strapping physique, makes him a highly sought-after heart-throb. He wants a game playmate, one who’ll share his optimistic vision of life as a great adventure. Sadge revels in taking his partner to the sexual edge and beyond.



Capricorn is a class act, the most self-composed and refined, least showy lady in the zodiac. She believes that nothing worth achieving in life comes easily—and she takes a similar attitude to love and sex, rarely, if ever, rushing into relationships. She is aspirational. Drawn to an evolved mate with creative intelligence and a strong inner life, Cap is the consummate significant other—one look in her eyes and it’s clear she won’t be trifled with. And once she sees a man she wants, she keeps her eyes on the prize, finding subtle ways to inspire him to do the pursuing. She has a weakness for younger men, in and out of uniform, and making them beg.


Capricorn man is the consummate sophisticate. His protocol is to remain unruffled and aloof in every circumstance, embodying an ultimate sense of relaxation that remains his perpetual raison d’etre. In love, he’s drawn to those with old-guard values, if not solid old-money investments, with whom he can share a traditional lifestyle. He plays the front man, and a mate must happily hold down the domestic fort. Cap is something of a relic in relationships—his perfect partner is one who’ll share his conventional values while not questioning his autonomy. Despite his urbane panache, Cap has a weakness for naive country bumpkins and noisy romps.



Her natural disposition is to see the joy in every situation. Aquarius is the zodiac’s finger-painter, unafraid of rolling up her sleeves and getting messy in expressing her heart’s content, and is dutiful and regimented to the core. In time, however, she may gamble on dreams that strike others as bonkers. Her choice of men is similarly skewed: she is drawn to flagrant free spirits, outsiders, fringe dwellers and even megalomaniacs whom she may imagine are lacking in love, but who offer her the liberal independence she requires, if only by virtue of being so wrapped up in themselves. She can be the proverbial woman who loves too much; at other times, her relationships seem dispassionate. She’s into sexy beasts, bikers and every kind of bad ass.


Aquarius man exudes an air of delicious detachment. For much of his youth, he is considered a tad untouchable, a loner, if not lost, eccentric in his offbeat predilections. As he matures, he emerges as sorted and self-sufficient in a sea of unstable men, only to exhibit his notoriously slanted, if not sordid, side in the sack. There is nobody the Aquarian male thinks is out of his league, and his self-conviction can secure bonds with the most eligible catches on the planet, even when he himself is less than a looker. He wants to be wanted and hotly pursued, yet he can't abide being tied down. He subscribes to open relationships with progressive partners.



Pisces is the proverbial everywoman, all virtue and vice wrapped up in a pretty powerful package. She is empathy incarnate, drama personified, making a fuss over her every feeling and impression. Existence can seem overwhelming to her impressionable, highly strung nature until she learns to filter. In her youth, she is attracted to sensitive, callow fellows who may be more fragile than she, eventually pairing with an attentive partner who will treat her like a princess, providing emotional sanctuary and proper pampering. But don't be fooled—this siren is a survivor, in no need of a savior. She seeks a soulful bond with a sexy mate with a transcendent spirit.


More than any sex-sign, Pisces man is blessed with an ability to exist according to his own design, devoid of doubt and distraction. As a rule, he is drawn to artistic professions where his imagination is given full rein. He sees no irony in adopting a personality that suits his spirit better than what he perceives to be the self conditioned by birth or upbringing. Despite any highbrow polish he nonetheless has a taste for raw, unmade lovers—artless, unblushing types who are steeped in life's realities, thus enabling him to be ever more footloose and fancy free. Despite a proper demeanor, Pisces has a taste for decadence and exploring all the erotic depths.